“Wrong about everything so far”: Fired-up Biden blasts reporters for suggesting he can’t win

President Joe Biden is unconvinced by media and top Democratic narratives that he’s no longer electable after his discouraging debate performance last Thursday. 

When asked on the campaign trail why he thought he was the strongest candidate to defeat Donald Trump, Biden touted his record, both as a candidate and as a president.

“Because I’ve beaten him before, and I’ve done more than any president has,” Biden told reporters clustering around Air Force One after a Wisconsin rally on Friday. 

Biden has aggressively pushed back on pressures to exit the race and has hit the campaign trail in full swing, planning large in-person rallies in key swing states to go face-to-face with voters and get in front of cameras, as part of an effort to sway public perception of his competency. But, evidenced in clips like the one above, he is seemingly taking his frustration at the media at large out on individual reporters.

“You were wrong about 2020. You were wrong about 2022. We were going to get wiped out. Remember the red wave?” Biden says to the reporter in the clip, before unloading another set of races which he says the media falsely predicted.

“You were wrong about 2023. You said all the tough races . . . we won all but two.”

“So look, we’ll see,” the president said, optimistic about his chances despite recent polls showing him losing by 6 points to Trump, despite him being found guilty of 34 counts of felony fraud, indicted for attacks on the previous election, and liable for sexual assault since the pair’s last match-up.

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