Tony Knight, Comedian, Dead at 54 After ‘Freak Accident’

Tony Knight, a comedian from the U.K., has died. He was 54 years old.

According to his GoFundMe, the comedian died on June 7 following “a terrible accident” while he was attending the Rock & Cars Festival in Lavaur, France. The creator of the GoFundMe, Jo — the sister of Knight’s partner of over 15 years, Hayley — did not disclose the cause of death, only that they are all “beyond devastated that his life was taken by a freak accident.”

According to multiple reports, two branches fell from a large tree at the festival, and one of those branches struck and killed Knight. Four others were also injured. Festival organizers said they were stunned by the tragedy, especially since there was no wind or storm that would have caused branches to fall off the tree.

“I assure his family of our deep compassion and our affectionate thoughts in this unbearable ordeal,” Laveur Mayor Bernard Carayon said, via the Birmingham Mail. “I wish the injured a speedy recovery after the traumatic shock suffered. Never has such a dramatic event occurred in our city.”

Knight is being remembered as “charismatic, funny and passionate,” and a huge dog lover.

“His passion was dogs and he helped people all over the world with his classes both in person, online, on radio and television, ebooks, and more,” Jo wrote on Knight’s GoFundMe page. “He was very well respected and admired. His method worked and he loved helping people with their dogs. He also loved comedy and had performed his show ‘Mad Dogs and an Englishman’ at all sorts of venues both in Australia and overseas ..he was about to do a run of shows through the UK, as well as run his esteemed dog classes through Europe. He’d been based on our family farm near Beaufort for the past 4 years building a life there with Hayley and proving to be a bit of a handy man ..he just put his mind to something and he did it! He had been very happy.”

Knight was such a huge dog lover that he was known as a “dog listener,” according to his website. He “helped thousands of dog owners all over the world solve problem dog behavior with simple techniques that use no force, pain, domination, drugs or gadgets. He has also trained other people from over 30 countries to become ‘Dog Listeners.'” Knight had been featured on TV and radio segments all over the world for his skills as a “dog listener.”

The comedian is survived by his longtime partner, Hayley.


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