Steve-O Reveals He’s Getting a Boob Job: Why He’s Committing to the Cosmetic Procedure

Steve-O says he is planning to get a boob job, all for a comedy bit.

During an appearance on the July 3 episode of the X5 podcast, the 50-year-old stuntman and comedian shared that he is planning to undergo a procedure for breast augmentation that he believes will make for a hilarious series of videos. 

“I came up with the idea a few years ago to get a boob job and just film a bunch of legitimately funny hidden camera pranks with me in disguise, in various disguises, and then revealing who I actually am, and just funny endurance stunts and whatever,” the Jackass star explained.

He added, “I’ve been so particularly in love with that idea because the comedy, the opportunity for comedy, I believe is absolutely there, and it’s like the quintessential Steve-O — that level of commitment.”

Steve-O says he is getting a boob job in the name comedySlaven Vlasic/Getty Images

According to Steve-O, it’s not just talk, either. He says that he’s got an appointment on the books and has spoken with doctors about going through with the surgery — despite the fact that he is only planning to keep the inserts in for “two months” at the max. 

“I spoke with the doctors, and I said to them candidly, ‘The one thing I’m really freaked out about and bummed out about and would back out of this over is if I’m just gonna be a mess afterwards,'” Steve-O explained. “You know, it’s going under the muscle, and the doctors are completely unfazed, like, ‘Two months, it comes out, absolutely no issue.'”

He added, “I’ve always been a body modification guy, like with my back tattoo, with my butt piercing — body modification has been part of my f**king deal, it’s been a lane in my art since the beginning. And this level of commitment to this bit, how nuts it is — I believe in it.”

Over on Instagram, he made the announcement to his followers by sharing a snippet from the sit-down interview and full-sending the bit.

“I said way more in this interview than I should have, but f**k it! My life is about to get properly crazy, link in bio,” the entertainer wrote. 

In the comments, Steve-O’s followers reacted to the news by doing everything from applauding him to asking him to reconsider. 

“Mayby just get one. Right in the middle,” one person wrote. 

“Don’t do that Steve,” responded another. 

“Literally the wildest human being of all time,” a third commenter shared. 

No word yet on when the procedure is slated to take place, but it certainly isn’t the first time he has modified his body for a joke. Earlier this year, Post Malone gave Steve-O an NSFW tattoo above his right eye in honor of his 50th birthday. 

“With this new tattoo from @PostMalone, let’s see if my full face is allowed on Instagram anymore. Swipe to see it quick before this gets taken down,” he captioned a video of Malone, 29, giving him the tattoo. 

More power to him!


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