Pretty Pastel Please, Australian YouTube Star, Dead at 30

Australian YouTube star Pretty Pastel Please, whose real name was Alex, has died. Alex’s official Instagram account confirmed the news on Thursday, sharing an In Memoriam tribute to the content creator. 

“We come to you today with a devastating announcement. It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that Alex, known to many as Pretty Pastel Please, has passed away,” the account wrote in the caption. “Her passing was sudden, unexpected and devastating to all who knew her.”

Calling the death a “shock” to Alex’s family and friends, the statement requested privacy for all who knew the YouTuber. 

The post concluded with a message to fans urging them to reach out for help if they are struggling with the news. 

“You are not alone. In Australia, you can contact Beyond Blue at 1300 22 46 36 for confidential, free counselling,” the post reads. 

A cause of death was not shared. 

Alex, who was known for her fashion hauls, product reviews, dramatic haircuts, and her talking parrot, had more than 690,000 subscribers on YouTube. She last posted a video on the channel on May 21. Her first ever video was shared in December 2017. 

Pretty Pastel Please and her ex-husband, Dan, on YouTube in December 2021.Pretty Pastel Please/YouTube

In July 2023, she opened up in a very personal Q&A video about her divorce from her husband Dan, who helped her build the channel. 

“I’m not wearing a wedding ring because sadly I am getting divorced. It’s a long story. It’s a very, very, very long story,” she shared at the time, noting that Dan was the one who asked for a divorce. 

“I pretended everything was OK online,” she said, noting that with rumors swirling, “I ended up having to address it before I was mentally ready to and, yeah, I had a hard time.”


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