Judge Aileen Cannon delays Trump’s classified documents case, yet again

Following the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that grants Trump partial immunity concerning his federal 2020 election interference case, Judge Aileen Cannon paused deadlines tied to his classified documents case, to allow for further briefing.

Cannon’s ruling, which was handed down on Saturday, reads as such:

Temporarily granting in part and reserving ruling in part on Defendant Trump’s Motion for Supplemental Briefing on Presidential Immunity and a Partial Stay 664. In order to allow for full briefing on the Motion, and consistent with the Special Counsel’s request for the standard response period, the Court stays the following impending deadlines:

Defendants’ Rule 16 expert disclosures, currently due July 8, 2024; Defendants’ reciprocal discovery, currently due July 10, 2024; and Special Counsel’s CIPA §§ 5-6 submission, currently due July 10, 2024, although the Special Counsel may proceed with filing should it so elect.

Previously accused of favoring Trump, Cannon’s decision to hop to in her response to Trump’s attorneys requesting the pause in court proceedings on Friday — making the most of that Supreme Court ruling, which was also very much in Trump’s favor — is causing waves. 

“She has got to tread carefully. Delay is her middle name,” State Attorney for Palm Beach County Dave Aronberg said to MSNBC on Saturday. “She will continue to slow walk this case, or continue to err on the side of delay and indulge the former president with every request. Yes, this decision by the Supreme Court on immunity would further delay the documents case, which is the strongest case against Donald Trump. This case was never going to be heard before the election, anyway.”

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