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Edmonton, Alberta, offers a fantastic array of golf courses for enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you’re looking for lush greens near the airport, scenic courses in the south, or indoor options to play year-round, Edmonton has it all.

Golf Course Edmonton Airport: Fly In, Tee Off

  • Enjoy the convenience of golfing near the Edmonton International Airport with courses like The Links at Spruce Grove. Ideal for those arriving or departing, it offers a quick golfing getaway.

Edmonton Area Golf Courses: Explore the Surroundings

  • Venture beyond the city limits to discover hidden gems like RedTail Landing Golf Club and Cougar Creek Golf Resort, both renowned for their picturesque landscapes.

Golf Courses Edmonton South: Swing in the Southern Breeze

  • South Edmonton boasts renowned courses like the Derrick Golf & Winter Club, known for its challenging fairways and excellent facilities.

Golf Courses Edmonton Area: Golfing Oasis

  • The surrounding area is peppered with outstanding options, including Leduc Golf Club and Broadmoor Public Golf Course, promising enjoyable rounds for locals and visitors alike.

Indoor Golf in Edmonton: Swing All Year Long 👇

  • Stay in the swing of things during the winter at indoor golf centers like Golf Den, offering virtual courses and high-tech simulators.

With Edmonton’s diverse golfing options, you can perfect your swing, enjoy scenic vistas, and embrace the sport year-round.

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