Christina Applegate Has ‘Beef’ With ‘Love Island’ Contestants

Christina Applegate isn’t into Love Island ASMR.

The 52-year-old Dead to Me actress took to X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday to explain why she has “beef” with the Love Island production and its contestants. 

“I adore Love Island. Have watched every season,” Applegate shared. ” [But] I have a beef with production and contestants. Can you pls stop making weird sounds with your water bottles?”

Applegate is adverse to “holding straw in mouth and chewing it and not sipping” and “girls with long nails making clicky clackety sounds.”

But she wasn’t done there. To add to her “Love Island rant,” the Married With Children star tweeted about the contestants’ “gross” deodorant. She gave some blunt hygiene advice.

“Also to add to my Love Island rant. White deodorant on the armpits in the heat is gross,” she said. “Now you all are very attractive people, please use clear deodorant!!! The white puss looking s**t in the folds is not bueno. This is just me helping you be the best version of you. Haha.”

In the comments section, fans mostly agreed with Applegate, complaining about the distasteful appearance of white deodorant.

“I hate when it curdles 🤢,” one user wrote. “It reminds of something too graphic to share. I legit can’t even type it.”

Applegate wasn’t afraid to answer, responding, “Well I will say it for you. Yeast infection. That’s all I see now.”

Love Island contestants have yet to respond to Applegate’s complaints.

The TV star is never afraid to share what’s on her mind. Earlier this week, she was candid about the emotional toil of her ongoing battle with multiple sclerosis. Applegate announced her MS diagnosis in August 2021 and tweeted on Wednesday about what she wants to do with the days she has left. 

“There are things I want to do with the days I have left in life. I want to work with Shirley MacLaine,” she wrote. ” And do shots with cher! And yes my days are so big. Just saying.”

The latest season of Love Island USA, hosted by Vanderpump RulesAdriana Madix, kicked off last month on Peacock. Hopefully Applegate will be able to look past certain sounds and sights to enjoy the rest of the dramatic season.


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